Thursday, May 29, 2014

Flood Victim #1 - Washburn XB125

The Washburn XB125 featured in this post is no stranger to me, as I've worked on it twice before. The first time was to rewire it along the lines of a passive Jazz Bass, [1] while the second was to add a Phat II circuit transplanted from an Ibanez GSR205.[2] [3] [4]

This time around, however, the XB125 was in really bad shape; no thanks to the severe floods that hit Kuantan earlier this year. The 'fotoflame' finish had peeled off in several places, exposing bare wood which was either moldy or rotten. The electronics (save the pickups) were totally shot, but most of the hardware could be used again after generous amounts of elbow grease and TLC. Let's take a quick look at what was done to get this instrument in playing condition again at minimal cost.

The body was stripped down, bleached, stained, and clear coated.

The neck and headstock were stripped down, sanded smooth, and clear coated. The neck also had a slight backbow, and this was remedied by loosening the truss rod.

I reverted the electronics to a passive scheme with a three-way toggle switch, a master volume (Alpha 500K), and master tone (Alpha 500K / 0.047uF cap). I should mention that both pickups emerged unscathed, thanks to being potted in black epoxy. Thumbs up, Washburn.

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