Friday, August 09, 2013

N Series Fender Strat

This butterscotch blonde strat (N7xxxxxx) came in for appraisal recently. Let's talk about the neck first, which, judging by the headstock decal and neck heel sticker/stamp, appears to have been made in the US in February 1997 by Jose Alvarenga. A check with the Guitar Dater Project confirms that it was indeed "made at the Corona Plant (Fender), USA in the Year(s): 1997 - 1998." However, the neck and body do not match. The neck has 22 frets, while the pickguard has a screwdriver route for a vintage-style 21 fret neck (with the truss rod adjustment screw at the heel). In any case, this guitar is still a beauty. Here are some pics, courtesy of Norisah DeNetto. Enjoy!

Custom "Planet Waves" neck pocket shim.

Rather sloppy rewiring job.

Selector switch.

Volume pot.

Tone pots.

"Worm route"

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