Saturday, March 23, 2013

Regent Semi Acoustic

Here is a vintage sunburst Regent semi acoustic that came in earlier tonight, courtesy of my pal Izzat and his buddy Tojeng (the owner). Based on my research, I am of the opinion that this guitar was manufactured by Guyatone in Japan in the late '50s to early '60s, and then exported to Canada under the "Regent" label. Now, although the guitar looks pretty beat-up, the intonation is almost spot-on and it plays like a dream; testimony to the quality of Japanese craftsmanship in those days. The Bigsby-style vibrato tailpiece is smooth and stays in tune. The volume and tone pots are all functioning as they should except for intermittent contact and some scratchiness every now and then, so they'll have to be serviced. Tojeng wants the tuners changed, the wood and hardware cleaned and polished, and a fresh set of 10s put on.

1960’s Vintage Guitars
Hoshino Gakki Ten: IBANEZ and related brands
History - Guyatone

'Nuff said, let's look at some pics.

Note zero fret

Note non-original bridge pickup

Neck plate with six bolts

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