Friday, January 27, 2012

Ibanez GSR205 Wiring Mod #1

Mod #1 is the first wiring mod I subjected my beloved GSR205 to after getting fed-up with the Phat II EQ. It's basically along the lines of a Fender Jazz Bass (2 volumes + 1 tone). The stock small (read: cheap and unreliable) pots have been replaced with full-sized Japanese pots, and the original .047µF tone cap with a .022µF cap. The GSR205 shown here belongs to a promising young bass player from Kuantan.

Hello Mod #1.

Here's the controls layout. A rubber plug has been used to fill the void left by the relocated neck pickup volume pot.

One view of the control cavity. Volume pots are A500K, while the tone pot is an A250K.

Another view of the control cavity.

Closer view of the tone pot.

Here's the wiring diagram for Mod #1

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