Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ibanez GSR205 Stock Wiring

Instrument: Ibanez GSR205
Production Date: February 2004
Factory: Saein, Korea
Serial Number: A04021168

Information sourced from The Guitar Dater Project.

Neck: 1 piece GSR5 Maple Neck
Body: Agathis
Frets: Medium
Bridge: B15 (16.5mm string spacing)
Neck PU: DXS-1
Bridge PU: DXS-2
Equalizer: Phat II EQ
Controls: Neck PU Volume, Bridge PU Volume, Phat II EQ, Master Tone.

Front View

Back View

Front of Headstock

Back of Headstock

Stock Controls Layout

Stock Wiring Diagram. 

Mockup of Stock Wiring Layout

9V Battery and Phat II Circuit Board

Neck PU Volume Pot (B500K) and Master Tone Pot (D500K).

Bridge PU Volume Pot (B500K) and Output Jack.

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