Saturday, December 24, 2011

Squier California Series Strat: Taken Apart

These pics were taken after the Squier Strat was taken apart.

It says "Squier" on the neck plate.

Wood sliver shim in the neck pocket.

Tremolo spring cavity. The spring claw sports an extra long ground wire.

Pickup routing. Note the ground wire to the tremolo spring claw..

Control cavity routing. Note the shielded output cable.

Output jack cavity, jack socket and jack plate. Note the use of shielded cable.

The three pickups, with the neck pickup on the extreme left. All three pickups leads are shielded. Note that the middle pickup's magnet has a whitish base. Reverse wound?

Small 500K volume and tone pots. Generic import 5-way selector switch, similar in construction to the 3-way switch on an Ibanez GAX30.

Closer view of the electronics.

2 tone capacitors!

Underside of the neck heel. Note the figured wood.

Neck heel from the side.

Some kind of ink stamp would have been helpful.

Note the figured wood.

Truss rod adjustment nut at the headstock.


YusTech said...

as long as it function and plays well.Its a guitar..

Cikgu Aziz said...

Agreed. Thanks for the encouragement. And with a kind soul's help, I'll be able to upgrade this baby :)