Friday, May 12, 2017

Kramer 610 Restoration - Part 4

Finally, it was time to install the electronics, put the 610 back together again, slap on a fresh set of 009s, take care of action and intonation; and set up the VS100N for optimum performance.

The electronics consisted of a CRL five-way switch, three DiMarzio EP1201 500K pots, a Sprague 0.022uF cap, and a DiMarzio EP1301 mono jack. The original brass "football" output jack plate was retained, as it looked rather spiffy after derusting and polishing. After a lengthy discussion with the owner, we decided to go with the "Jimmy Vaughan Wiring Scheme." This scheme provides a master volume and separate tone controls for the neck and bridge pickups. However, the middle pickup is "wide open" as it's not connected to any of the two tone pots. I'm rather fond of this wiring scheme because (1) you get a dedicated tone control for the bridge pickup, and (2), you're not loaded down by two tone pots when using the neck and middle pickups together (switch position 2).

Pickup-wise, a used DiMarzio DP155 Tone Zone humbucker was installed in the bridge position, the stock "Made in Korea" middle pickup retained; and the gnarly neck pickup replaced with an old Ibanez Blazer SB single coil. After juggling around with various pickup heights, I was able to achieve a pleasing balance between the three.Last of all, a new back cover, strap buttons; and Gibsonesque speed knobs were installed. Although it took a really long time to complete this restoration; I'm happy with the results.

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