Friday, May 12, 2017

Kramer 610 Restoration - Part 2

Cleaning up this guitar was a back-breaking task, to say the least. The silver paint made a right royal gooey mess, as you can see in the pics. Finally, after removing all that gunk, I made three major discoveries: (1) the original color was black, (2) the body was plywood, and (3), there was a Kramer logo on the headstock. My suspicions were confirmed --- this was indeed a Kramer 610, manufactured in Korea between 1988 - 1990. After a thorough sanding down, I shielded the pickup and control cavities with carbon paint. Following this, the body was sprayed with a silver undercoat, black color coat and clear coat to top it off. After about a month of hang time, the body was wetsanded, polished and waxed. Meanwhile, I'd already taken care of fret leveling/dressing and fingerboard conditioning. I should mention that prep work for the Wilkinson VS100N trem installation, as will be seen in Part 3; was carried out prior to painting the body. 

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