Thursday, January 26, 2012

Strat Replica Shielding & Rewire

The owner of this gorgeous strat replica asked for a full shielding job and rewiring.

Very nice.

1st stage of dismantling.

Closer view of the electronics.

Yes, I have a thing for output jacks :).

2nd stage of dismantling.

Full aluminium foil shield for the pickguard.

Same goes for the tremolo cover.

Body cavity shielding work in progress.

Body cavity shielding completed.

Tremolo cavity shielding in progress.

Tremolo cavity shielding completed.

Just finished trimming and reaming.

All prepped for rewiring.

Rewiring complete.

Added a ground lug from the volume pot that will be screwed onto the body cavity shielding. Once again, many thanks to YusTech for sharing this invaluable tip.

Tremolo Cavity before resoldering the ground wire.

All done.

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