Saturday, January 14, 2012

Roland R-8 MKII: Belly of the Beast

First view of the R-8 MKII's innards. The topmost circuit board (orange) is the Jack Board Assembly. Beneath it is the much larger CPU Board (motherboard), which houses the unit's memory backup battery (3V). Beneath the CPU Board is a thick sheet of aluminized plastic shielding. This shielding hides 3 more important components: the circuit board for Key Pads 1 -16, the main switchboard assembly and the LCD circuitry.

Time to see what lies underneath the CPU Board and shielding.

With the CPU Board and shielding out of the way, we can see the 3 hidden components. Clockwise from left: Key Pad circuit board assembly, LCD circuitry and main switchboard assembly.

Closer view of the 3 hidden components. Note that the Key Pad circuit board has a metallic base, while both the LCD circuitry and main switchboard are protected by a sheet of plastic.

These are the screws that had to be painstakingly removed (and reinstalled after this adventure) in order to examine the R-8's innards. 

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sam said...


I've jsut bought a Roland R8 Mk2 and it has a problem with the numerical key pad. It switchs pattern/song by itself, and is generally very hard to get to accept the numbers I want to select.
Do you know much about this drum machine ? Maybe you could give me some tips to find exactly where the problem is coming from and what needs changing.

Sam (from France)
I couldn't find any contact info for you, so here is my email