Thursday, January 19, 2012

Meike MK-908: Dead Keys

A number of keys on this Meike MK-908 keyboard were either dead or functioning erratically, and this was driving its owner nuts. Although he also owned and played more expensive 'branded' keyboards, this MK-908 was dear to him as it was his first. Turned out that the culprits were 6 torn silicon soft-touch switches. With no replacements available, it was up to Super Glue to set things right.

Front Panel

Front View

After removing a humongous amount of screws.

Had to flip it over in order to start work.

DC power is supplied by 6 D-sized batteries (12V) or an adapter.

One of two built-in speakers.

Top view of jack board assembly. Adapter jack is on the extreme right.

Another view of the jack board assembly.

The underside of the jack board assembly.

Underside of the main board.

Underside of the LCD Display assembly.

Here's the LCD Display.

LCD Display with the power turned on. 

Power Switch

Power Switch

Power Switch.

Underside of the silicon soft-touch switchboard after separation from the chassis. 

Soft-touch switchboard flipped over, peeling away the strip housing the affected silicon soft-touch switches.

Here's one of the culprits. The switch has been turned inside out for a clearer view.

This strip alone houses 6 torn switches. All have been turned inside out for better access. Reminds me of a caterpillar :). Crocodile clips are for holding the strip in place.

Closer view of one of the torn silicon switches.

Time for a few drops of Super Glue.

Waiting for the Super Glue to dry.

Super Glue has dried sufficiently. Switch strip has been reinstalled and it's time for a final check before putting the MK-908 back together. Thank goodness they're all working now. No more dead keys. Long live Super Glue! Time for Nusantara and Kopi Jantan :).

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