Friday, January 27, 2012

Ibanez GSR205 Wiring Mod #1

Mod #1 is the first wiring mod I subjected my beloved GSR205 to after getting fed-up with the Phat II EQ. It's basically along the lines of a Fender Jazz Bass (2 volumes + 1 tone). The stock small (read: cheap and unreliable) pots have been replaced with full-sized Japanese pots, and the original .047µF tone cap with a .022µF cap. The GSR205 shown here belongs to a promising young bass player from Kuantan.

Hello Mod #1.

Here's the controls layout. A rubber plug has been used to fill the void left by the relocated neck pickup volume pot.

One view of the control cavity. Volume pots are A500K, while the tone pot is an A250K.

Another view of the control cavity.

Closer view of the tone pot.

Here's the wiring diagram for Mod #1

Ibanez Phat II EQ

According to Ibanez, the Phat II EQ circuit provides an "active bass boost" which "offers additional low-end power." The Phat II EQ came as a standard feature on my black GSR205 when I purchased it in 2006. Onstage, the circuit lived up to its promise, providing a discernible bass boost controlled by a dedicated B20K pot. The Phat II also seemed to boost the highs and reduce the mids.

The only problem was that along with the boost came an intolerable amount of noise, thanks to the single coil pickups. This problem, plus the lack of a bypass switch, prompted me to remove the Phat II EQ and rewire the GSR205 along the lines of a Fender Jazz Bass (see Mod #1). Hope you enjoy the pics :).

A. Before Desoldering the B20K Pot

B. After Desoldering the B20K Pot

Front view of circuit board: visible markings

Front view of actual circuit board

Closer view of 1st segment

Closer view of 2nd segment

Closer view of third segment

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Strat Replica Shielding & Rewire

The owner of this gorgeous strat replica asked for a full shielding job and rewiring.

Very nice.

1st stage of dismantling.

Closer view of the electronics.

Yes, I have a thing for output jacks :).

2nd stage of dismantling.

Full aluminium foil shield for the pickguard.

Same goes for the tremolo cover.

Body cavity shielding work in progress.

Body cavity shielding completed.

Tremolo cavity shielding in progress.

Tremolo cavity shielding completed.

Just finished trimming and reaming.

All prepped for rewiring.

Rewiring complete.

Added a ground lug from the volume pot that will be screwed onto the body cavity shielding. Once again, many thanks to YusTech for sharing this invaluable tip.

Tremolo Cavity before resoldering the ground wire.

All done.

Ibanez GSR205 Stock Wiring

Instrument: Ibanez GSR205
Production Date: February 2004
Factory: Saein, Korea
Serial Number: A04021168

Information sourced from The Guitar Dater Project.

Neck: 1 piece GSR5 Maple Neck
Body: Agathis
Frets: Medium
Bridge: B15 (16.5mm string spacing)
Neck PU: DXS-1
Bridge PU: DXS-2
Equalizer: Phat II EQ
Controls: Neck PU Volume, Bridge PU Volume, Phat II EQ, Master Tone.

Front View

Back View

Front of Headstock

Back of Headstock

Stock Controls Layout

Stock Wiring Diagram. 

Mockup of Stock Wiring Layout

9V Battery and Phat II Circuit Board

Neck PU Volume Pot (B500K) and Master Tone Pot (D500K).

Bridge PU Volume Pot (B500K) and Output Jack.