Monday, December 10, 2012

Ibanez York 628/12 Reloaded

Just found out today all the pics from my July 31 post are missing. Serves me right for hotlinking. Anyhow, here are the latest details and pics, for those of you who are into this kind of thing (like me). The guitar has been partially stripped and refinished. It is currently undergoing the last leg of clear-coating (see last 3 pics), after which it will be hung to dry for as long as possible before final wet-sanding and polishing.

Name / Model No: Ibanez York 628/12
Category: Dreadnought / 12-String Acoustic
Serial No: 75 328
Production Notes: Crafted in Japan circa 1975

Full Length: 43"
Body Dimensons: 19.75" x 16"
Body Depth: 4.5"
Neck Width: 1.75"
Top: Spruce
Back and Sides: Mahogany
Soundhole Rosette: Wood Marquetry
Body Binding: White
Fingerboard: Rosewood / Bound / Abalone-like Block Inlays
Bridge: Rosewood
Tuners: Chrome / Unsealed

Pics and Comments

Front view.

Back view.

Front of headstock.

Back of headstock. Tuners still working okay.

Nut is falling apart. Owner wants it rebuilt.

Serial Number.

Lots of wear, tear, scratches and spots. Seems like a previous owner had this refinished.

Shrunken pickguard. Needs to be replaced.

Extensive damage to the back.

Neck heel / neck seam has come apart. The back has also separated from the sides around the heel area due to loose bottom braces.

Closer view of the damage to the mahogany back.

Binding has not been scraped clean after suspected refinish job.

Finish damage near the end pin.

Nice bridge.

Fixing the split in the neck heel / neck seam.

Inlays at 1st and 3rd frets actually came loose.

Regluing the back to the sides. This resulted with the already cracked and fragile binding disintegrating. Had to replace the binding in the affected area.

Nut rebuilt with baking soda and CA glue. Structurally sound but visually unappealing. Will be replaced.

Spruce top stripped, sanded and restained. Will be sanded further to lighten colour before application of clear coats. 

One pesky bottom brace reglued.

Hung to dry in between clear coats.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Goodbye EB 2220. Hello GHS GBH.

EB 2220 11 - 48
Shown below is the last pack of EB 2220 Power Slinky strings I'll probably be opening. Been happily using these since the '90s without any notable rust issues. However, the last 3 or 4 packs have featured 'pre-rusted' plain strings. Have actually been forced to sand the E, B and G strings before use. Looks like 'Element Shield Packaging' is no match for the climate here. Bummer. This pack remains unused as I've had enough. Time for change, me thinks.

Element Shield Packaging: 
1. resists humidity 2. keeps your strings as fresh as the day they were made 3. longest life 4. fresh all the time. Sorry EB, ESP has failed in the battle against the local climate. Kindly take a closer look at the 3 strings below:


More rust

Even more rust

GHS GBH 12 - 52
Seems like these GHS GBH 012-052s with 'Fresh Pack' technology have fared much better than the EBs through their long journey from the US of A. Tried them out on a hot and sweaty lunchtime gig Wednesday, and they played like butter, no kidding. Guess I be sticking to GHS from now on. 

Nice and smooth.

Look ma .... no rust!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Color: BKN (Black Night)
Serial No: A08120495. 
Made at the Saein Plant, Korea in December 2008.
Production Number: 495.

Neck: GRG / One Piece Maple
Body: Basswood
Fingerboard: Bound / Rosewood
Inlays: Sharktooth
Frets: 24 / Medium
Bridge: Fat 10
Pickups: H (STD-H1) - S (STD-S4) - H (STD-H2)
Hardware: Chrome
Controls: Master Volume / Tone
Selector Switch: "Patent Pending" 5-Way

Work Done
1. Hardware Servicing / Adjustment
2. Checked and serviced all electronic components.
3. Replaced unshielded output wires with a shielded cable.
4. Replaced faulty output jack. 

Interesting truss rod cover.

New shielded output cable and output jack.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ibanez GIO GRX20Z JB

Color: JB (Jewel Blue)
Serial No: A07120862
Made at the Saein Plant, Korea in December 2007
Production Number: 862

Neck: GRX / Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood / Pearl Dot Inlays
Frets: 22 / Medium
Bridge: Fat 6
Pickups: Neck (STD-H1), Bridge (STD-H2)
Controls: Master Volume / Tone
Switch: 3-Way Lever
Hardware: Chrome

Work Done
1. 100% Hardware Check and Service / Adjustment
2. Replaced rusty screws (where possible).
3. Replaced faulty output jack.
4. Fretboard cleaning / polishing
5. Restring / Action / Intonation