Thursday, December 29, 2011

BOSS FV-50L Volume Pedal

Name of Product: BOSS FV-50L Volume Pedal
Serial Number: IH83504
Production Date: September 1995
(Production date sourced from Boss Serial Number Decoder)

The FV-50L has worked well for me in terms of controlling the output of a BOSS ME-30 in the late '90s, and more recently; a ZOOM G2. This passive low impedance stereo volume pedal has 2 inputs (1&2) and 3 outputs (1, 2 and Tuner Out); and is meant to be connected after one's effects units. It boasts a 'Minimum Volume' knob that allows one to adjust the minimum volume from 0 - 10. This feature comes in handy when one is using a deep distortion | overdrive sound, and needs to balance the volume with the rest of the band. Sure beats bending over countless times to adjust the volume on a stomp box, or fiddling with the guitar volume knob. By the way, I don't recommend controlling one's distortion | overdrive volume from the guitar itself (unless you have Jerry Garcia's unique stereo setup). This is because a low volume knob setting on the guitar will not produce a signal that is strong enough to drive the input of a stomp box. The end result: a weak, thin and totally unsatisfying distortion | overdrive tone.  

L-R: Tuner Out jack and Minimum Volume knob.

2 input and 2 output jacks.

The rear end of the FV-50L.

The sturdy metal bottom plate of the FV-50L. These 7 screws need to be removed before one can get a closer look at the goodies inside.

Faded serial number sticker.

Screws removed. Note that the bottom plate is grounded.

Ground wire unscrewed and bottom plate completely removed.

Input and output jacks.

Rear view of the input and output jacks. The black foam inserts are not stock.

Circuit board for the input and output jacks.

Tuner Out jack.

Volume control harness and pot.

Front view of the volume control harness circuit board.

Rear view of the volume control harness circuit board.

Minimum Volume knob (blue), pot and circuit board.

Front view of the Minimum Volume circuit board.

Side view of the Minimum Volume pot and circuit board.

Rear view of the Minimum Volume circuit board. 

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