Wednesday, December 28, 2011

BOSS DI-1 Direct Box

Name of Product: BOSS DI-1 Direct Box
Serial Number: BB 70998
Production Date: August 1990
(Production date sourced from Boss Serial Number Decoder)

Have used this sturdy and dependable direct box since the late '90s as a direct interface between my bass and the mixing board for both recording and live performance. It runs on either a 9V battery or 24-48V phantom power from the board. I usually use an Energizer 9V alkaline battery as most of the boards I've worked with have not been that reliable. The only niggle concerning my DI-1 is when it is in Auto Power On/Off mode. In this mode, if I don't play for around 5 minutes, the DI-1 automatically turns itself off. My battery loves this thoughtful feature. However, when I come back after a break, the first note I play turns the DI-1 back on automatically; along with an annoying audible thump through my bass amp as well as the PA system (if I forget to turn off my channel on the board). It's a hassle, no doubt; but the tonal clarity and otherwise noise-free operation of the DI-1 make it a winner in my book. Enjoy the pics. Please note that any fur seen is from one of my cats or kittens, not me :).

Block diagram of the DI-1 circuit printed on the top of the black metal chassis. Looks like German to me, but I'm sure someone like Yustech would know how to decipher this.

Clearer view of the DI-1 circuit block diagram. 

Faded serial number sticker.


YusTech said...

this is another tech referral blog..bravo.

Cikgu Aziz said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Guess who inspired me to open up gear and take pictures?